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TODAYS TIP: Customer Service is Keycanstockphoto2825831

Imagine you have a thriving boutique and you have more sales than you know what to do with. Imagine that you could snap your fingers and make that happen.

Sadly, you can’t just snap your fingers and voila you are a success, but sometimes we get so caught up in the big things that we forget about the little extras that distinguish us from our competition.

Read below for some great tips to go above and beyond with your customers!


*Go above and beyond the call of duty.
By this I mean go that extra step to help your customer have a great shopping experience. Don’t have the exact color the customer is looking for? Offer to try and find it for her and ship it for free. Sure you will lose the cost of shipping, but you will probably have gained a customer for life and that will surely make up for the $4.95 you doled out.

*Remember, customer service doesn’t stop with the sale.
Take a few minutes and send a thank you card to your customer for purchasing or how about a quick phone call to make sure they are happy with their purchase.

* Little things do make a difference.
How about putting a little surprise gift in with their purchase. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but even a small item tells the customer you care. What if you sent a birthday card to your customers with a special coupon inside? The key is to let your customers know you appreciate them and that you care.

*Offer a great return policy. When customers know they can return something, no questions asked, they are much more likely to buy and recommend your store.

*Have a great idea for fabulous customer service? We would love to hear it!

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A Salon Without Jewelry Is Like a Day Without Sunshine


Are you a salon or spa owner who is looking for ways to add revenue to your business, but are not sure how to do it? Did you know that you could increase your business profits just by offering additional items to sell in your salon/spa?

It’s true and “Upselling” as it is known in the marketing world is nothing new, but it is amazing how many salon and spa owners don’t do this. Upselling in a salon traditionally means selling hair products and hair supplies, but the reality is there is so much more you can do to increase sales and best of all upselling requires very little extra work.

Have you considered adding a small boutique to your business? Your salon and spa customer often has a lot of down time, which adds up to a fabulous time to check out what’s for sale.

Fashion Jewelry and small accessories are great items to start with because they don’t take up a lot of space and they catch the attention of your customers. They are easy to sell and fit in perfectly with your business. Best of all, they can often be purchased in small quantities at wholesale prices, leaving you room to make a nice profit.

Happy Selling,

Jodi JohnsonPhoto on 12-13-11 at 3.33 PM #2

Jodi Johnson is the owner of Simply Trendy Jewelry (, a fashion jewelry boutique that specializes in selling wholesale trendy jewelry to salons, spa’s, small boutiques and home party businesses. For more info on purchasing wholesale jewelry at Simply Trendy Jewelry, click here.

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How To Flatter Your Face With Jewelry



Jewelry is fun to wear and often adds that extra pop to your outfit, but did you know that different jewelry styles can flatter or take away from your beauty? Read below to learn how to flatter your face with jewelry by choosing what works best for your face. We all know that certain clothing styles can appear to add pounds (horizontal stripes) to your frame and colors such as black strategically placed can give you a slimmer appearance, but the right jewelry can also balance out your face and enhance your look.

When looking for jewelry, there are a few factors to take into consideration, including your face shape as well as your skin tone. While it is also important to wear what you love, below are some tips to help you look your best.

Oval Face: Oval faces are generally the easiest to buy for, because most styles look great on. To keep the balance, some ideas are long necklaces and pendant style necklaces. Almost any type of earring can be worn

Round Face: Women with round faces want to look for styles that elongate and thin out the face. Plunging v necklines also help achieve that balance. Long necklaces and chunky neckaces that draw the eye down are usually best. When choosing earrings, the same philosophy holds true and long thin dangling earrings are a good choice. Avoid round circular earrings that provide no balance.

Square Face: Women with square faces tend to have strong jawlines and angular faces. To soften the look, seek out long layered necklaces. Hoop earrings are a good choice and large dangling earrings work well to soften the features as well. Avoid wide earrings if possible.


Warm Skin Tones: People with warm skin tones usually have greenish toned veins (checking your veins on your wrist is a good indicator). Hair color is usually red, orange or strawberry blond. Most dark skinned people are not warm skin toned. Gold, Brass and Copper are complimentary metals. Earth tones and turquoise look especially good with warm skin tones.

Cool Skin Tones: Most people have cool skin tones and can be discovered by noticing bluish veins (checking your wrists). Silver, White Gold and Platinum are good choices in metal. Pastels and jewel tones work well for this skin type.

In the end, what works best for each individual is a personal choice and the above are meant as guidelines to enhance your beauty.

Have an opinion or comment? We would love to hear from you!

Jodi Johnson is the owner of Simply Trendy Jewelry an online trendy jewelry boutique specializing in high fashion boutique jewelry at outlet prices. Visit to see what’s hot in the trendy jewelry world.

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Enter to Win a Free Sterling Silver Acrylic Monogram Bracelet In The Simply Trendy Jewelry Sweepstakes



Starting today 8/6/13 through 8/13/13 you can enter to win a gorgeous STERLING SILVER ACRYLIC MONOGRAM BRACELET from Simply Trendy Jewelry.

Here is how it works:

*Simply click on the link above to be directed to the trendy jewelry sweepstakes page and follow the simple directions.

*One winner will be randomly chosen to win a sterling silver acrylic monogram bracelet on or about 8/16/13. No purchase is necessary.

*The winner must reside in the USA and be over 18 years of age.

Monogrammed Jewelry In all The Hottest Styles

Monogrammed Jewelry In all The Hottest Styles

*The winner once notified will have 2 business days to respond to the notification. At this time the winner will be asked to choose the color acrylic from the list of options and the intials they would like to be included. The winner will also have the option of choosing the size bracelet needed from our available sizes.

Visit for all the latest trendy jewelry styles at outlet prices, including monogram jewelry, sterling silver jewelry and trendy fashion jewelry.