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Chic Monogram Jewelry at Great Prices

acrylic_monogram_bracelet__92524.1373326329.451.416Costume jewelry has become so popular in recent years, because of it’s affordability and the availability of high quality boutique style jewelry. At Simply Trendy Jewelry we believe that looking great doesn’t have to be expensive.

We carry a huge selection of trendy necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in a variety of styles to please everyone.

One of the hottest trends on the market right now is Monogram jewelry, or personalized jewelry. What makes this jewelry so special is the ability to customize each piece with your initials, name or family names. Many pieces can have an added swarovski crystal and styles come in acrylic, sterling silver, wood and gold plated making your item that much more original and beautiful.

Monogram jewelry makes a thoughtful and personalized gift for someone or is perfect for yourself. Shop www.simplytrendyjewelry.com today to see our entire collection of chic monogram jewelry.
3d monogram two tone necklace

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Trendy jewelry whether it is sterling silver or costume jewelry can last  an immensely long time if properly taken care of.  Read below to see how to best care for both your fun jewelry and your high quality sterling silver (.925 jewelry).

FASHION JEWELRY or sometimes known as costume jewelry is usually made of a mix of metals and is worn to compliment an outfit or look, but is generally not of heirloom quality. It is usually much more affordable than fine jewelry and since the trends seem to change weekly, accenting the “IT TREND” doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  That being said, it can last multiple seasons if you follow these simple guidelines.

1) Never use harsh chemicals on costume jewelry or put on any type of perfume or lotion while wearing it.  Doing so can cause discoloration and dulling of the jewelry.

2) keep your jewelry durst free and protected when not wearing it by either placing it in a jewelry box or a jewelry pouch.  Avoid getting it tangled with other jewelry items.

3) Always take off your costume jewelry when swimming, showering or washing your hands.

If you must clean your fashion/costume jewelry then simple soap and water is fine, but always make sure to dry it thoroughly.  Another option is to use a small amount of Windex or it’s equivalent  on a soft cloth and gently wipe.  NEVER use harsh jewelry cleaners on fashion jewelry.

STERLING SILVER JEWELRY or fine jewelry can last a lifetime if taken care of.  Sterling silver is actually made up of 92.5 percent fine silver and 7.5 percent of other metals.  You will often see .925 engraved into sterling silver jewelry and it is in fact a requirement that there be a marking on the jewelry if it is in fact sterling silver.  ”Sterling” is sometimes seen engraved instead of .925.  Either is acceptable.  If you are wondering why sterling silver is in fact made up of other metals, the reason is that 100 percent silver would be too soft to form jewelry and the added other metals makes it hard enough to mold.

Here are the best ways to care for your sterling silver jewelry.

1) For light cleanings to remove dirt, makeup etc… using a small amount of liquid detergent mixed with water is acceptable.  Make sure to use a very soft cloth or a very soft toothbrush.  Remember that although sterling silver is scratch resistant, it is still a very soft metal and can scratch.  Avoid anything abrasive.

2) For a deeper cleaning and polish there are many sterling silver cleaners and cloths on the market.  Always read the instructions and warnings, because some cleaners are not safe to use with gemstones.

3) Store your sterling silver jewelry is very important, because contact with acids will tarnish your jewelry.  If you are storing your jewelry in a jewelry chest, adding a non tarnish liner or anti tarnish cloth are options.  Another option is store your jewelry in an airtight  polyethylene zip lock bag.

4) Always remove your jewelry before swimming, cleaning or washing your hands and if the jewelry does get wet make sure to dry thoroughly.

With just a little effort you can keep all your jewelry both fun and precious looking great for a long time to come!